Growth with Time

Photo by: Taren Elle From a stem cutting of three little leaves to an ever-growing Epipremnum aureum (Golden Pothos). Plants begin from tiny, subtle little seeds as an extension of a vanished or wiser, much older life. In their journey, they grow into beautiful, thriving life forms and the cycle repeats. It reminds me that […]

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One for 2017

This was a very special moment I experienced with my significant other. Although the distant city noise could still be heard – the sound of the wind, the sight of the fluttering leaves, and the undulating water was enough to transport us away from the city, and into a private little place with just the […]

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A Reflection on Writing

It’s funny how the metro can take you places that you haven’t been to (literally and figuratively) in a long time.  In moments when circumstances force you to recap the things you’ve done or the skills you’ve learned, it’s surprising when you remember, “Hey! I took that memoir writing course.” Or, “I know how to […]

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