Candid Convos II: Shakir Manners

A phenomenal person and artist!

Soul Trap

I met Shakir back in 2015 on Instagram. I think we always had an understanding of helping each other get better with our crafts by collaborating. Two years of photos to accompany the Candid Convo Shoot and Audio. I don’t wanna say too much because the images and audio tells the perfect story.  Most of the photos were shot on my Canon AE-1 with the following Film Stocks: Kodak: 400 MAX, Ectachrome 64, and 200. Ilford 100, 200, and 400. I also shot some photos on a Canon 650D 35mm.


0:22 “I Just like to draw, some people like to do math and stuff like that. “

0:41 My mother would put us in different programs and events: dance, African dance, Hip Hop cultural events


2:28 “I told him my name is Shakir!”


2:40 “And then I begin to look at more graffiti in my community”


4:58 I started doing volunteer…

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